Researching: Automotive Photography


Before I became a photography-nut, I was a car-nut (as I still am).  In fact, my love of cars is what got me started in photography.  Ironically, looking at my current portfolio, their is a complete lack of any automotive photography.  As my photographic style became more refined and I begin shooting more studio-lit commercial photographs, unfortunately my past ambient-lit car photographs did not truly fit into my current body of work.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Nashville, TN.  Like usual, I had my camera at my side.  Just taking some snapshots around town . . . nothing special.  While out and about, I saw some gorgeous rides.  Later when I uploaded my snapshots to Lightroom, I quickly begin to realize how badly I missed photographing cars.

Toyota Supra

However, I did not want to go back to the old safe way in which I use to photograph cars.  I wanted to push myself and start incorporating studio lighting into the mix.  Don’t get me wrong, beautiful even-natural-light can be the best source of light when photographing cars.  Nevertheless, my style and artistic preferences are a little bit more bold . . . and ambient light alone just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  If the job calls for it, I’ll go all natural.  But, artificially lighting a car with some strobes just looks so much cooler.

Ford Mustang

To get back into automotive photography, I knew I needed to do my research.  Whether I’m trying a new photographic technique or planning a photo-shoot, doing the proper research is always important.  Thus, I searched the interwebs for some new knowledge and inspiration, concerning automotive photography.  The following are some sources I found, in which I felt you’ll may find interesting and inspiring as well.

Thanks to the guys over at (@fstoppers) and photographer Blair Bunting (@BlairBunting), here is a short film on photographing cars in studio:

As a commercial photographer, one headline in particular grabbed my attention on Google: Great Direct Mail Piece Puts a Porsche in Your Driveway Sneaky move by Canadian auto dealer. Now this is what I call clever advertising:

Pfaff Auto: Instant Direct Mail from Lowe Roche Advertising on Vimeo.

A few other notable sources of automotive photography tips and tricks:

Matthew Guss
Photographer @ FauxTaux Grafix

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